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Tech Support and FAQ

What is an auxiliary audio input jack (AutoAux) ?

It's a line level input that accepts audio source signals such as those from an mp3 player, iPod iPhone, or any portable audio source etc so that you can hear them hardware to hardware in. 
Plug one end into the OEM car stereo, and the other into the portable audio device and you'll get way better sound quality than if using an FM transmitter.

Auxiliary interfaces are not tape adapters FM transmitters or FM modulator, there is nothing wireless about them, that means the signal isn't getting degraded by the process of sending it to your car radio

Aux input supports following devices:

Smart phone: HTC iPhone Samsung Blackberry Nokia Motorola ZTE Huawei etc.

Game player: PSP


MP3 player iPod

Laptop iPad 

And any other portable audio source with 3.5mm aux jack

Advantages of CD changer aux input:

  1. CD Changer Direct Interface Connection
  2. NO FM transmitter
  3. NO tone loss
  4. NO noise
  5. NO interferences
  6. Allows access to your external player
  7. Can be used with devices with a standard headphones connector
  8. No need for external power
  9. Plug and Play

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