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Toyota Lexus

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Make sure your Toyota car head unit has AUX button on radio panel before you purchase this itemplug the white connector into the 20 pin port of your car head unit back, and press AUX button or Disc bu...
TOYOTA Subaru USB cable female for Reiz RAV4 EZ Camry
connect aftermarket device to Toyota car stereo to play videoCompatible with TOYOTA/LEXUS with 6pin blue port on car stereo back as below
USB cable for :2013 Subaru XV Forester Toyota 2013 Reiz 2013 RAV4 2012 EZ 7Gen Camry with navigationMazda CX7  new MAZDA 2
It combines two female 6+6 connectors by one male 6+6 connectorMade for Toyota factory part #: 08695-00370Certain Toyota/Lexus/Scion navigation radios has posed a problem when adding a CD Changer, aux...

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